Who is Freaklüb?

Freaklüb is a graffiti artist team composed of  Xavi (G1) and Elisa (Empty). They are both Spanish and are living in Barcelona. Most if not all of their work have a strong root in street art or graffiti.

These two also create cool clothing, graffiti and different kinds of animations. To be honest I think they have a lot of potential, as Freaklüb can do pretty much anything that comes their way and will surely appeal to people.

Their recent collaboration as of this time is a project on Hotel Fox in Copenhagen. Specifically, with the interior design of three rooms. The result? A feeling that’ll transport you to a world full of fantasy and dreams. No surprise there.

Xavi and Elisa are constantly evolving into what could be compared to a creator creating his universe. They have a lot of work on their plate and they are totally involved in everything they do. And that is what, according to the two, inspires and gives them energy. Go ahead and take a good look around this website and know that you are particularly living in a Freaklüb world!