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So springbreak is here and I feel like a loser for not partying, drinking, going to concerts and spending time on this site lol. Progress report, I just changed the background to red, I also realized that it suits their artwork better. I also tried orange but didn’t look good so for now, until I come up with something better the colors are going to be red, black and white.

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It’s been a while since my last entry. Just wanted to voice out my thoughts. I am being tempted to put some ads on the site… must resist it!….. Any who someone just told me that I should have a goal for this site. Hmmm… after some thinking I guess I’ll just scrape the whole web for what remains of Freaklüb. Time to start gathering some sources.


Also one of my friends told me about (amazing shopping website) Novelty Street with a great list of cool things and awesome stuff to buy online so I might splurge a bit especially since the holidays are coming and I just got a part time job… what does this mean you ask !? More delays on site updates LOL.

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Some people where asking if this is Freaklüb’s official website. Sadly no… I guess it used to be, saw how it looked liked before via the waybackmachine. For anyone else asking this is a fansite of the best street artists in Barcelona.

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Edited about page got some of their pictures online but figured I should just remove it to keep their privacy.

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I just added some links to link page for reference. Man today at college was a lot of work but I’m not giving up on this site. I’ll make it the best artist fan site  ever!!!! lol!

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Got some old blog entries from Freaklüb’s defunct blogspot page and thought I should put in here. I will try to gather everything about them and try to house it all in this site.

Here they translated in English (originally in Spanish) and personally edited by yours truly:

Wednesday, October 29, 2003

Let me drop a comment to those people that I know…

Those not in the rock-domain … To a lot of people .. specially those from Supaseed Prod , Simon and Charlotte … It’s been a long time since I saw Simon who introduced me to Dest .. (hey, what is up, man?) … and I’ve been looking for him, the whole night we opened the DAF, spent that day with Charlie (Carlos von Engel … a very great person …). We have this mutual appreciation between us. Lwego who is Junior and his girlfriend … they make clothes and graphic designs respectively… and also all the people that work with them … just lovely. I do not know, but they also have an effect in the people surrounding Freaklüb,  that we think are special… They do a lot of graphic designs, closely linked with music, they also produce a lot of things… they came out and rocked every time with more different things. If they just stayed in Barcelona… that would be fucking great !!

Thanks to 2d2 for trusting us by SUBSONIC nights

Charlie has to finish his project Recycle … Please Stay tuned !!

Posted by freaklub @ 5:10 PM

We are in difficult times …
I’m currently listening to…
is Pase Rock … the title is … “Bullshit as Usual” …
and that’s what we say … bullshit as usual … do not settle for less .. but do not ask for more …
people fight for something q do not really know … talk about ideals q then not take out …
we … (I speak for Elisa and I …) do not intend to get anywhere … recently left a message on the photoblog ( …
unoquenodiceelnombre (that is what it was called so…)
But that toyacosss !!! Nose as triunfais both with toyacos that but I can not, that ye know neither draw to spray! win you the credit for your work and not your pot meals that have told me that you pegais people!
________________________________________________________________________________Let ‘s start with the base … who is someone close to us …  but did not make it. ..
the second is that it hurts that we are “winning” .. but we are not .. more like “we just keep on.. doing .. it.. but it’s clear that we do not know when or where it will end.” ..
Third .. .. a little “… food for thought…”a high IQ is alway what prevails in the house. @ You, you know that Walt Disney is frozen? go ahead .. and look! Tell your grandmother.
Fourth … one foot drags us down with your inept way of thinking … especially for honesty you throw the stone and hide the hand. Sumate a point that left two for the chochona, and three for the industrial – size Tweety faced poor (say .. poorly sewn).
________________________________________________________________________________After this “dark” … Seasoning chapter of our life that we live freely .. . quiero (I, G1 or failing Xavi …) We would like to thank that rock to whom we responded in the interview that helped us say what we asked …
Those special people around us, specially when we are in a time of crisis.
_______________________________________________You guys know who you are … but I still want to thank you even more .. specially to Moockie names, Nados, Hatone, Puke, Berta (as like him, but we are friends! and is a person worth keeping… Fix that with Dani …), Homi, the Copyright crew!(, get out!), Boris Hoppek (who unwittingly caught .. we have an admiration … watch this guy) and a long list that would never end, but I would like to mention these people especially … more than anything because they are the ones who have surrounded us, protected, helped and understood us… thank you!Life is too difficult at this point, at least for us .. but we will not give up … as I tell Elisa whenever something like this comes up …. being invincible pasaaa not be the best, not wanting to be … it’s just … thinking that when you fall (there is no where else to go but up …) you get up and keep on going. Whenever you fall, you need to get up. You have to be constant, it is the key to achieving any goal. They have to have the same enthusiasm from the first day to the last …
everything so … ” the usual bullshit ” I end up not eating.
more to come tomorrow.

Tuesday, October 28, 2003

Today is the first day nwestro Blog …
Empty !!! oeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee …
For those people who don’t know a lot about usOur domain is active, and we will be uploading all the material we got shortly. Stay tuned …
Some things in and other pages that you specify below.The idea behind Freaklüb started a while back … we were, among  the disobedient assiduous in class, a class in an art school … we often joined our friends just to evade school burdens like that supposed to submit to orders that passed between the four walls of the Institute. Some time later, when he finished the the program (art school …) everything dissolved. Someone called “X” and someone called “D” were the ones who created this concept … and they wanted to take classes beyond, so .. they dug into the world of speech and met with people who painted graffiti.Well he had not done something like this before since the concept of freaklüb, I wanted to renew everything including the people in the surrounding area, it was known as a crew of graffiti  artist and it was … and we extended this with the ability to create on the wall anything with different languages … but as what happens with groups formed by many people without any solid foundation, they only ended up creating problems.
By then “D” and “X” were “the Shadow Brothers , ” which were shadows of people on the wall at actual size . This language, although technically not very developed was quite effective. In 2000 they meet a girl, let ‘s call her “E” and decide to adhere to this group, restricting and closing under the slogan “Freaklüb are three , ” to make clear possible laps of people who had lost their way. Both “D”, “X” and “E” have something in common, graphic design and illustration. And so Freaklüb currently began with Graphics. Both on the street and at home, in any material we could get our hands on.
Aided by the magazine “Red” ( Freaklüb work began to see the light of day, and was edited three times in a very painterly way, although inexperienced, they still appreciated the opportunity that this group offered them.
At this time , “D” enters discrepancies with “X” and “E”, and so begins his solo work under the name “Slurp Velociraptor” , although under the same name of the collective. “X” and “E” start a strong campaign on the street, pushing a cognoscivo language. “E” wanted to paint graffiti, and this led him to “X” to return to the old ways (but this time seriously) to help (initially at the technical level) and have continued until today providing their own individual ideas to a large mutual concept.
Living at a time in Barcelona where there was a boom of artists who develop icons, “E” decided to go a step further in this area, and created a character who could be flexible in shape. So far, a good way to get noticed was “cram” with a monotonous and rigid line the same message. “E” was not in favor of that, and “X” bet on a doll in constant evolution, where supplements and appearance were varying according to different parameters, including current the mood of those two, as well as the place where the art was located. One thing that played an essential role in this icon was that “X” was able to create an immersive and compelling world, where colors and shape play a dominant role and a recessive role icon, but have a symbiotic relationship around it.
The character in question is a redhead eight year old girl and her name is aunará. It has two primary features: the pop arm hair and completely expressionless face. This is very important because it has created a great controversy regarding its interpretation.
Working in the street have some pros and cons.
From his position, which was “not” involved in the dark side of graffiti (such as competitions and long etceteras with petty goals), thought that street work was like a gallery presented as that on a great museum, where anyone can express themselves and be critical or turn freely criticized. For many people the street is like a jungle where only the strongest survives. But Freaklüb did not see it that way, they didn’t approve of the concept that only strongest (talk about quantity or quality) the only who reaches the end. Those who come out successful at the end are the ones that are constant in their work, From an objective point of view, the ones who work from the heart and are credible enough to convince others to believe it . Yasi has worked with Freaklüb, without guile.
During their early days, they limited their work on the street, both part of “E”, who was totally new to this different means to express their ideas. To “X” that filled a void he had as “E” was developing in that environment, and in turn, he was reunited with a past that had left too soon.
Beginning in a sort of spontaneous way, they have come to where they are now thanks to that point of innocence they bring to their work, without expecting anything in return. From here, they sound the bells. They began to see her displayed on web pages (works , , , etc …), comments on forums and personal pages, people who had come from outside and from the jobs they did… etc, etc …Later they met with some people in a club located in the Gracia district called ” Taste ” (c / Francisco Giner), where they made an exhibition, which it is still in force. This time they used different compositions using mixed-half, from acetates, acrylics, spray, glues, etc … they painted on parquet boards, boxes of fruit, metal plates, printing macula, giving a little more richness and heterogeneity . (in layman’s term, plastic elasticity). This type of work gave them a lot of promotion, as the club is a landmark in the Gracia district.
As they were doing their job people started to recognize the power that worked to decorate the city. Different organizations contacted them, including: OFFF 2003 . They also took part for 3 days, of a contest in which they had to decorate a vinyl surface presenting a new model of Nokia brand mobile. And gratefully acknowledge the contribution of Nados, designer and writer known Barcelona.In May, the RED MAGAZINE organized Red Pahn , together with some people from Radio 3 for Sonar event. They were given the opportunity to paint within the festival, besides radiofónicamente who promoted them and talk with an interview that asked for the entire state. BABA festival , 1st Festival of Young Artists of Barcelona, located in Plaza dels Angels, for two days (11 and 12 June). It was to bring together different artists who had things to explain, in the same environment. In this case, Freaklüb coordinated the days of graffiti, other than to make a screen installation inside the building, located between the art museum and the FAD. They were granted a fairly large space – a fishbowl, and decided to share it with three other artists, Nano 4814 (Vigo, visit your photoblog —>, Sixe and God. This time they asked freaklüb to do a mood based on their doll, on cardboard, tape , and spray within a space representing the garden and the facade of the house installation. They created a closed microworld where the only light that there were few flashing red neon lights that entredejaban described as dreamlike atmosphere through a small window, creating only a single point of view. We gratefully acknowledge the contribution of Moockie for his help in this project.CIRCUIT September 11. They were requested by Harmless, Barcelona prolific artist, to coordinate and select from 18 artists on the catwalk brand shirts Divine Words. The event lasted an hour and this time the artists had to create their work, based on the collection of the season, this time it was luck.BUNKER STORE (C / Consell de Cent, 266), 16 September. Live decoratino of one of the windows of this shop, specializing in hiphop. The event was charismatic, was done together with a group of Miami Corporations (,,, using different musical records within hiphop to raise awareness and give out their message. This event was organized by a Venezuelan group based in Barcelona a year ago, we thank them for their support for the scene (, Electroclub SESSIONS , within Diagonal District (Avenida Diagonal, 442) along with Moockie, one of the djs of the event, they organized a series of slides inline with the sessions are held once a month. Part of the events made it through different works in the field of design,  shown on four pages of the second edition of the e-zine virtual WWW.SHOW-ME-DQ.COM, a known French group website.

They have anecdotally created a limited series of t-shirts emblazoned on fabric knee pad, which were sold in different shops in Barcelona. They have also developed a collection of plates that in demand throughout the whole summer. As well as what remained from the promotions on the street… magazine came up with a new proposal … It is a website that publishes 1 book a year with the material they have collected. And they included us for the second time. All thanks to Red magazine, soon we released a line of sneakers made for Pepe Jeans. Next was a limited edition, according to the graph practicing in the street. We have edited a page in the magazine about artists in the general area of Bel (urban issue).

In the magazine FRIED GREEN TOMATOES, who specialize with urban artists, a special feature article of the short but intense career and collective works of Freaklüb appeared. We also have a special on the book “STREET ICONS” by Tristan Manco, author of the book and edited “stencil graffiti” by Thames and Hudson publishing. Soon after, the impact of this work has jumped borders and expanded in a progressive manner in the US, thanks to the interest given by the magazine.

VAPORS ( of large media outreach, presented us to their readers, through the website, through a good collaboration interview.

During this summer , freaklüb created some frantic animations with the collective Qwert (, which will soon see the light of day. The music was produced by Neonwerk , an artist who produces electro and experimental music. Pweden Stamos to expectations told us to do something in his project in Pennsylvania, we have given a module so that we know will work.

Finally … the Freaklüb manifesto

We believe that there is no basis or limits for creation. All works are valid, and the mere fact that there are shows means that they are created by someone. For that rule of three we do not care about negative criticisms. Because, any visual element serves as an inspiration, because regardless of its quality it does not cease to be useful information. Often, visually, we feel a possessive attraction of something that is not ours, and we are aware of it.  We think it is the fact that makes us even stronger and therefore choose that path as an inspiration, awakening to ways, knowledge and methods from our work that were unaware before, although empiricism has been an essential factor for our creations, we always talk about trying, harder and harder. We believe that by doing this we find ourselves, and it is important to continue down the road even if we do not know where it starts from or when it ends . And so here history ends justified because that is our intelligible world: order and deformity chosen among so many words.


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Alright another brand new weekend to dedicate my time to this awesome site. Sorry to disappoint you guys it seems that I only have a limited amount of time to dedicate for this site especially since college is starting but this is my passion so I will not dissapoint!

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Welcome to ww.Freaklü everyone! My name is Anon I just started this website because I noticed that the web is in need of some Freaklüb love, whew better get moving and fill this site with content!